The White House Press Corps: Pull their credentials


The White House Press Corps has jumped the shark and needs to be reined in.  While I respect and admire Sarah Huckabee Sanders's work, and I enjoy her ability to spar with an increasingly hostile force, the daily briefings have become about the media agenda and not the White House's agenda.

Having a White House press credential is not a right; it is a privilege.  The First Amendment prevents Congress from making any law ... abridging the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press.  It does not grant license to media sycophants to drive their agenda in the people's house.  For far too long, we've allowed the left free rein.  It is time to take charge of the narrative and make it known that we will no longer tolerate the press obfuscating the news.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders needs to make an example of one or more of the Press Corps by yanking their credentials.  

In the past week, we have seen at least three incidents where this action was more than justified.

Jim Acosta

In Jim Acosta's most recent tantrum, he attempted to rally the Press Corps to gang up on Sarah Sanders when one of them got cut off.  Having abandoned decorum long ago, Acosta appears to want to make these briefings about him and his outlet (CNN)'s agenda.

April Ryan

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to attack our president, April Ryan reported that Donald Trump was booed and heckled at the White House event honoring our service members and America.  It turns out that the booing and heckling were directed at an attendee who kneeled during the National Anthem.

In the prior week, April Ryan tweeted out an article stating that the Trump administration was running a child trafficking ring.  What...?!

Brian Karem

At Tuesday's press briefing, CNN's Brian Karem yelled out to Sarah Sanders as she was exiting the briefing, "What color is the sky in the president's world?"

Was there a question in that question?  As a back-bencher, it appears that Karem is seeking to make a name for himself by joining the likes of Acosta and Ryan in being disrespectful to our president and his spokesperson (and by extension, us).

Would we tolerate these behaviors in our children?  It is long past time that Sarah Sanders thinned the herd.  As long as we tolerate disrespect, the only thing we can expect is increasing disrespect.      

Press briefings are about communicating White House talking points, not advancing the media's liberal slant on said talking points.  President Trump has had an extremely successful 500-plus days, yet all we hear about in the mainstream press is doom and gloom.

Enough.  Yank their credentials.  Make an example of one or more of the press corps, and we'll begin to see a different tone from those who remain.  Continuing to tolerate blatant disrespect only encourages more disrespect.

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