The New York Times then, the New York Times now

The current indictment of James A. Wolfe, 58, security director for the Senate Subcommittee on Intelligence for 29 years, for passing classified information to reporters raises an interesting contrast of editorial standards under different editors at the Times over the years. In his interrogation, Wolfe admitted having a personal relationship with reporter Ali Watkins for three years while she was 30 years his junior.  Watkins had zoomed from college through other news organizations in just four years to becoming national security correspondent for The New York Times, attended by her extraordinary access to insider information in the federal government.  In its investigation, the Department of Justice examined "tens of thousands" of email correspondences and phone records between Wolfe and Watkins, according to the Wolfe indictment. "She [Ali Watkins] is having her private records scrutinized and spied on by the government for doing...(Read Full Post)