The one way 'we can do better' is to build a wall, Laura Bush

Former first lady Laura Bush is out politicking against our current president on immigration as yet another political backseat driver, quite against the established precedent. Her big essay in the Washington Post, blasting the Trump administration for its separation of families crossing the border illegally, is something the leftish political mavens at Axios consider "potentially game-changing."  Yet it is particularly hypocritical, given how she and her husband (she's gotten on her only soapbox only because of whom she married) considered President Obama and the Obama administration, no matter what they did, off limits.  He "deserves my silence," as former President Bush put it.  Lots of deference to the Democrat who spent years on Bush-blaming and absolutely none to the Republican who beat George's brother on a more conservative agenda and triggered the #NeverTrumps. The Bushes seem as bitter as the left about...(Read Full Post)