The Israel Day parade

With thirty thousand marchers in the Israel Day parade and one hundred thousand-plus viewers, Sunday, June 3 was a glorious day.  Jews and their well-wishers came from Maryland, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Israel, and colleges across the country to sing and dance their way up New York's Fifth Avenue.  It is an annual event that brings light and life to the Jews of the United States.

Everyone was particularly happy because of the silly human tendency to prefer round numbers.  This was Israel's 70th birthday as a modern nation and was noticeably more rowdy and boisterous than last year's 69th birthday celebration.  Rain threatened, but no one cared.  More politicians came out, and the amplified music had more bass notes and percussion.  Marchers greeted bystanders, and bystanders drew marchers to the side for hugs and good wishes.  Baby carriages graced various groups, as did some wheelchairs for the elders who insisted on participating.  No one except the marching bands felt the need to move in lockstep.  Some of the marchers danced their way up the avenue, and then others took over.  People who normally do not wear yarmulkes wore them proudly, and no one was afraid – unlike in Europe, where Jewish leaders have urged Jews to wear hats to hide their identities.

Unadulterated happiness in the world is rare.  The Israel Day parade was pure fun, full of politics, commercialism, national pride, and universal values, with only seconds of rancor and discord that you had to hunt and peck to find. 

By the way, don't bother trying to find coverage of the Israel Day parade in the MSM.  No blood was spilled, and so it was not a newsworthy event.  Covering the joy of the Jews (or anyone) seems to be politically incorrect in this strange world we have fashioned.