The great pile-on: Every loathsome washed up pol crawls out of the woodwork to bash Trump on child migrants

President Trump, to his credit, is holding firm on his zero-tolerance policy for illegal migrants at the border.

That's led the press to a considerable feeding frenzy on one of the consequences of it: the separation of migrants traveling with children so that the illegally arrived adults can wait their asylum claims out in detention, and the children can wait it out in non-prison conditions.  That's brought on lots of pictures of crying children and claimed stories of missing-children outrages, as well as a ton of phony news, dutifully reported over and over.  The object is to weaken Trump in the wake of his successes on the economy and with North Korea, as well as end his quest for an end to open borders.

It's also been announced that these stories are working, causing President Trump's poll numbers to fall.  Some call it "Trump's Katrina" and never mind that voters elected him because they just want illegal immigration to stop.

So what has this media-driven perception of "not winning" brought us now?

Every committed Trump hater and skeevy NeverTrump is crawling out of the woodwork to pile on.  Say a few sentences about how terrible it is to separate children from immigration lawbreakers, and it's instant headline time.  The feeding-frenzy media ensures it.  

Here are some who've jumped up to take that benefit, helping to undercut President Trump's efforts to finally secure the border:

Laura Bush: Separating children from their parents at the border 'breaks my heart'

Michelle Obama seconds Laura Bush's criticism of child separation policy

Romney backs Laura Bush on border: 'We need a more compassionate answer'

Hillary: Separating Families Contrary to Religious Values – Jesus 'Did Not Say Let the Children Suffer'

Jeb Bush: Trump should end 'heartless' policy separating migrant families

Eric Holder: 'Unbelievably the Bible is' being used to defend zero-tolerance border policy

Former Obama aide: Trump's policy separating migrant families is "immoral"

Speaker Paul Ryan says he disagrees with Trump's policy of separating children from their parents at the border

Gov. Kasich says it's "not an American value to be breaking up families"

McCain rips Trump's family separation policy as affront to American decency

Sen. Kamala Harris: Trump's "intent" to put "children in cages"

Colorado governor bars state resources for Trump family separation policy

Former CIA Chief Compares Trump Administration to Nazi Germany Over Border Policy

Has Trump finall gone too far? -by Max Boot

Blumenthal, immigrant families condemn separation of children at border

Lindsey Graham says the S-word live on CNN

Senator Ted Cruz Promises a Bill to Deal With the Family Separation Crisis at the Border

Even you, Ted?  Catch and release, bring your kids and you're home free, like the good old days?  No firm support for President Trump?  I had really hoped for better.  (Maybe it won't be this bad, but what a time to go politicking for the open borders crowd.)

It's really amazing.  We learn who Trump's real allies are in this and who's an opportunist.  Almost every last one of these people reminds me how much I dislike them all, standing there with the crazy left-wing activists, offering zero solutions to a longstanding, difficult problem to resolve if the country is to not get inundated with migrants as Europe has been.  We are reminded again of their true colors.

Image Credit: MRBECK via Flickr.

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