The Barrs and the Bees: Leftists' rancid indecency

Much has been written these past few days about the vulgar remarks by Roseanne Barr and Samantha Bee. F rom the moment Roseanne revived her '90s sitcom as a Trump-supporter, the left was apoplectic.  It did not matter to them that the show is still profoundly silly, sillier than its first incarnation.  But the mere fact that there were a few pro-Trump words was all it took to infuriate the lefties.

It was just a matter of time before the left found a way to put an end to it.  No great loss; that is for sure.  It was mindless mockery of middle-class Americans.

So Roseanne tweeted something crude about Valerie Jarrett, and the mainstream media lost their cookies.  She's racist.  She has to go.  And so Roseanne was fired.  Her show did not even air that night.  That is how offended the "public" was meant to be.  People had to be protected from Roseanne.

But then the previously unheard of Samantha Bee committed an even greater verbal crime.  She used a lovely photo of Ivanka Trump and her son to vilify Ivanka on the basis that her father is responsible for the plight of illegal immigrant children streaming into the U.S.  A giant leap if there ever was one.  But that's how far the left has descended into madness since the 2016 election.

Samantha Bee outdid Roseanne in vulgarity.  In a scripted, taped, and edited-for-show display, she verbally abused Ivanka nonsensically, with scatological fury.

Contrary to Bee's defenders, what Bee said was worse than what Barr said.  And she is so proud of herself.  She uttered a lame non-apology but is laughing all the way to her humanitarian award from the Television Academy.  So much for that Hollywood institution.

What is most distressing is the number of celebs who openly defend what Bee had to say: Sally Field, Kathy Griffin, etc.  There are too many to list, which should be shocking, but it's not.  It is the norm.  The left has been committing murder on what it views as our stilted American culture for decades.  Leftists think they've won because they own the media, the D.C. swamp, and academia.  Perhaps they have.  But then...Trump won.  Perhaps they have lost after all.

"From all this we may learn that there are two races of men in this world, but only these two — the "race" of the decent man and the "race" of the indecent man.  Both are found everywhere; they penetrate into all groups of society.  No group consists entirely of decent or indecent people."  –Victor Frankel

The Samantha Bees, Kathy Griffins, Keith Olbermanns, Bill Mahers, etc. are offensive in every sense of the word, but they keep their jobs.  Olbermann and Maher have said much more obscene things than Barr or Bee about Trump and his family and continue to revel in their own indecency.  They pride themselves on being thoroughly "progressive."  They are proud of their own degeneracy.  Their campaign to demean Western culture, the absurdity of their obsession with race, with "white privilege," their fury at what was once the sanctity of the family and gender norms, and their hypocrisy (armed guards for them; no guns for you) is of a piece appalling.  The majority of the American people are decent, and they recognize the indecent as easily as the Alinskyite left recognizes what a threat those good people are to their agenda. 

The Barr-Bee kerfuffle is a sad commentary on our entertainment-political culture today.  Public defamation and shaming are the go-to tactic of the left.  There is a contest among the left: who can be meaner, more cruel, more vicious than the last attention-getter?  As Dennis Prager remarked, meanness characterizes today's left.

Barr and Bee both have children!  What kind of role models are they?  It is reasonable to assume they will grow up to be like their parents: cruel and profane.

This past week, there were no winners.  The entire display was an embarrassment to all Americans.  Only the media love this kind of scandal.  They live for, thrive on, this kind of verbal debauchery.  Our media, most of them, are as indecent as Barr, Bee, Olbermann, Maher, and the rest of them aching for the death of the West.

For all his faults, Trump is so much more decent than his detractors.  That should be obvious to all by now.

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