Spain's socialist government reverses policy and refuses 'migrant' ship

The reign in Spain of virtue-signaling on mass migration ended abruptly yesterday, after less than two weeks.  Even the socialists in Europe are starting to realize that their populace does not want millions more impoverished "migrants" from cultures and religions that shun assimilation and consider generous welfare subsidies as tribute from the infidels, a signal of weakness and submission.  Dramatic evidence is provided by Spain, which just this month installed the secretary-general of the Spanish Socialist Workers' party, Pedro Sánchez, as prime minister.

When Italy's new populist government refused to allow the M.S. Aquarius, jammed with 629 North Africans, to land, and turned it away, Spain stepped up and allowed the refugees entry to Spain and, because of the Schengen Agreement that ended border barriers, the entire E.U.

In a statement the country's new prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, said he had given permission for the MS Aquarius to dock in Valencia, adding his country would welcome all those on board.

Sanchez went on say that "It is our duty to help avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and offer a safe harbour to these people in accordance with international law."

I can only surmise that P.M. Sánchez got some blowback, because yesterday, he started following the lead of the Italian populists.  Deutsche Welle, from Angela Merkel's Germany, reports:

Spanish Economic Development Minister Jose Luis Abalos said on Monday that his country would not offer docking to a NGO boat carrying some 230 migrants rescued at sea, saying Spain could not "become the sea rescue organization for all of Europe."

His remarks come after the boat, operated by German NGO Mission Lifeline, was turned away by both Italy and Malta, with German lawmakers who have visited the stranded vessel speaking of worsening conditions on board, and a possible humanitarian emergency as weather conditions deteriorate. ...

In his comments to Cadena Ser radio, Abalos said Spain could not "take on this responsibility alone."

He said Spain's acceptance of the Aquarius had aimed to draw attention to the problem of rescued migrants, but that a political solution was now needed.

Screen grab from Deutsche Welle video.

"Alone" is the key word here.  Europe as a whole has woken up.

With seas turning stormy, expect cries of a humanitarian crisis.  If, God forbid, a tragedy occurs and lives are lost at sea, expect the left to blame the cruel Europeans.  But aren't the NGOs that lured people to risky voyages even more culpable?

As even leftists are starting to understand, immigration minus assimilation is an invasion, actually a form of colonialism, in which the newcomers change the host culture and, with their "no-go zones," enforce extraterritoriality.

When a Spanish Socialist Workers' Party government is tougher on uncontrolled mass immigration than our own Democratic Party, you know that the Dems have painted themselves into a corner.  No wonder the U.S. media are ignoring this story.

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