Smoking bans and mirrors: Is it about health? Or control?

Call me Ishmael. I have been banished to the wilderness of the smoking area.  I am a social pariah, exhaler of toxic gases, deliverer of death. A little sign in my hotel room here in Puerto Rico explains, "For your convenience, this hotel has been designated a non-smoking property.  Thank you for your cooperation." For my convenience, Puerto Rico has adopted draconian anti-smoking laws.  Lighting up in hotels; restaurants; bars; casinos; automobiles with any child aboard; or anywhere at all where others can perchance be exposed to lethal secondhand smoke, also known as passive smoke, is a crime. As more and more hotels ban tobacco, the only accommodations left with smoking rooms are likely to be the Dew Drop Inn of Raleigh-Durham or Ed's Motel just outside Baton Rouge. As for my old home town, I cannot smoke in Central Park.  Unless it's a joint. In many places they have condemned e-cigarettes, which emit no...(Read Full Post)