Put a sign on the door and let us know before we come in

We've been following the story about the Red Hen Restaurant versus White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

As you know, Sarah and her family were told to leave the restaurant.  It's just the latest example of the left pushing politics in your face, from sports highlights to now having a family dinner.

What else do you need to understand about Trump Derangement Syndrome?  My guess is that Dr. Krauthammer must be running a panel up in Heaven telling everyone that the left down here is beyond repair.

Now someone is running this headline: "Restaurants Could Get in Serious Legal Trouble if They Discriminate Against Trump Admin."

The article explains that it may seen as "discrimination" in some jurisdictions in the country.

Frankly, keep the courts out of this, and let Trump voters do their thing.  

Here is a memo to business owners looking do a Red Hen: If you do not want to do business with the 62 million of us who voted for Trump, then let us know.  Put a sign on the door, and we will be delighted to take our money to someone else.  

By late Saturday, the Red Hen's website was down, the reservations phone line disabled, and the voicemail full.  We can be sure that it'll be a while before manager and co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson tries that again.

It's stupid to play politics with customers.  At the same time, we can play that game, too.    

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