Portland helps buy homes for people but only if they're black

Some black people were forced to move out of Portland, Oregon because of the construction of a highway, which razed homes, and gentrification, which raised housing prices beyond their means.  Only 6% of Portland is black, a statistic that the city finds unacceptable.  (What is the right percentage?  The masterminds haven't told us.) So Portland created a $20-million program to pay for "down payment assistance" for black people who wanted to move back to Oregon.  The criterion for applying was that you had to have resided in Portland's historically black neighborhoods, so, effectively, this program is available only to black people. Can you imagine the uproar if Oregon offered to pay white people to move to Oregon?  That would be racism.  But $20 million targeted at black people – that's okay.  That's redistribution of income.  More importantly, that's racial...(Read Full Post)