Policy experts propose creepy population control solution for too many African babies

Africa's burgeoning birth rate is expected to touch off more migration to its northern continental neighbor, as globalization and rising global temperatures both push desperate people to a place less ravished by crime and intolerable clime.  European countries, in turn, have revolted against current migration trends and their expected increase by electing populist leaders who promise to stem the flow of foreigners to their land. Out of this demographic upheaval, three policy experts want to revive an unfashionable doctrine: top-down population control. Frances Kissling, president of the Center for Health, Ethics, and Social Policy; Jotham Musinguzi, director general of Uganda's National Population Council; and Peter Singer, famed promoter of eugenics and infanticide, teamed up in The Washington Post to endorse an "ethical" means for hindering Africa's robust fertility rate.  Citing Paul Ehrlich's The Population Bomb, they readily...(Read Full Post)