Obama DOJ failed to inform FISA Court of the informant, spy, whatever

Bill Clinton instructed us on the meaning of "is" and "alone" when he was credibly accused of sexual harassment.  Now the Obama boys, Brennan, Clapper, and Comey (sounds like a bad law firm) and their spokesmen in the Destroy Trump Media, instruct us on the meaning of "spy" and "informant" to explain why the Obama gang planted an Obama person in the Trump campaign to report to the Obama boys.  According to the Obama boys, the person planted in the Trump campaign to report the activities of the Trump campaign was not a spy, but an informant. Clapper said: For me, if you're going to use the term "spy," which I never have liked, but let's assume it's a valid term, to me that suggests using intelligence tradecraft, employing an operative who has been formally trained in clandestine collection, someone who's masking their identity or someone who is recruiting and this informant was none of...(Read Full Post)
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