Mitt Romney comes around

It wasn't exactly an endorsement, but Mitt Romney, a longtime NeverTrump stalwart, has stated the obvious:

"I think President Trump will be re-nominated by my party easily, and I think he'll be re-elected solidly," Romney said at a recent gathering in Utah.  "I think that not just because of the strong economy and because people are increasingly seeing rising wages, but I think it's also true because I think our Democrat friends are likely to nominate someone who is really out of the mainstream of American thought and will make it easier for a president who is presiding over a growing economy."

According to the Boston Herald, which had the report, ol' Mitt seems to be better at predicting elections than winning them.

This isn't a flaw, actually.  It's just Mitt being Mitt.

Romney, who lost the 2012 election as the Republican nominee in part based on his mechanical Mister Transistors personality, along with a sense that he was too far out in rich-guy land to relate to the little guy, nevertheless has his strengths.  A former turnaround consultant, who specialized in finding what was wrong and right with an organization and then fixing it, is now showing that he is able to recognize the reality of Trump and the success of his winning political formula, ignoring the blow it must deliver to his ego, given that he doesn't have those particular strengths.  This doesn't mean he isn't smart, or wise, or bad; it just means his formula doesn't work as well for winning the presidency.  To his credit, he's man enough to admit it, given that he has had a lot of loathing for President Trump, and the feeling might be mutual.

The bottom line?  Romney is objective.  Someone like that in the Senate, full of its la-la lunatics out of touch even with basic economic reality, might be a good thing.

Trump would be smart to endorse a guy like this.  He might be a welcome asset and ally to his own political project.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia, CC SA-BY 3.0.

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