MeToo: Democratic Party leader Eric Holder is looking for new Weinsteins to defend

Democratic Party stalwart Eric Holder isn't letting the Democratic Party's claimed principles about standing up for women's rights get in his way of his quest for more money.  He's actually conducting a road show to offer his legal services to Hollywood executives to help them head off legal or public relations crises in the event that their predatory sexual behavior becomes public.  You know, if one of the #MeToo women comes out and accuses the next one of being another Harvey Weinstein.  Whether through groping, casting-couch favoritism, or maybe raping, he's there to help the company.  Basically, Holder wants to...defend these people from those dreaded women and profit handsomely.  Kid you not. Here is what Variety reported, with some spin for Holder (emphasis mine): Former attorney general Eric Holder pitched his investigative services to a roomful of Hollywood executives on...(Read Full Post)