McCabe stews in bitterness

It had to be bitter stuff to be former Federal Bureau of Investigation deputy director Andrew McCabe, fired a day before his planned "retirement" at age 50, losing the fat pension he expected for the next 40 years (imagine getting an extra 40 years of what must be a six-figure salary for putting in only 20-some years of work), plus all the medical and other bennies he expected coming to him.  Not bad for a guy who started out as a SWAT team commando.

So with lots of money from his "defense fund" raised on social media to burn, he's suing for the records that led up to his firing.  According to the Associated Press:

The Justice Department has repeatedly refused to provide former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe with documents related to his firing, according to a lawsuit filed on his behalf Tuesday.

The complaint says the Justice Department has publicly defended the firing yet failed to identify for McCabe the policies and procedures it followed before dismissing him.  The department has withheld the information, McCabe's lawyers allege, for fear that the materials could be used against them in any additional lawsuits.

He should be careful what he wishes for.

McCabe, recall, was thrown out of his job for leaking to the press in his bid to Get Trump and then lying to investigators about it.  He engaged in sneaky, deceptive partisan politics, both against Trump and in protecting his favored Hillary Clinton from accountability for her actions, and as a result, he did untold damage to the reputation of the FBI as an impartial organization solely devoted to the rule of law.  His career, in fact, is a story of constant sneakery.  And he wasn't even upfront about it.  Now he wants his job back, and he's using his defense money to get it.

What makes this an unlikely thing he will win on is the fact that it wasn't the Trump administration that got him; it was the Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General, a group that has been there since the Obama days.  It's the same Department of Justice that seems to be withholding information from everyone and is also the very department that appointed the special counsel to Get Trump.  The DoJ, which McCabe is suing, isn't exactly an ally of Trump.  The fact that its I.G. thought McCabe's acts were fire-worthy couldn't have been based on any favoritism toward Trump.

Whatever turns up from those records, if McCabe succeeds in his suit, isn't likely to be career-burnishing – and it will become public.

Sure, he's mad.  And he's got money.  But an angry guy with money isn't something that usually ends well.  McCabe should be careful what he wishes for.

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