Mata Hari journalism? Veteran Senate Intelligence Committee staffer, in romantic relationship with NYT reporter, arrested in probe of leaks

James A. Wolfe, former director of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee, lost everything when he was arrested by the FBI last night.  A review of media reports on the background of the arrest suggests that the lure of romance with a nubile female journalism school student was his undoing. This is a story with at least two compelling themes: the apparent betrayal of national security by a veteran Senate staffer and the rise in a mere four years of a comely female reporter in a romantic relationship with Wolfe from unpaid undergraduate intern at McClatchy to the lofty post of New York Times national security correspondent. Ali Watkins's picture, used on her Twitter account. The indictment of Wolfe indicates that lying to the FBI about his relationship with Ms. Watkins (REPORTER #2 in the indictment) is the basis for the arrest.  It outlines the genesis of the relationship and the meteoric rise of Ms. Watkins from journalism major to...(Read Full Post)