Mad Max and Nancy Pelosi: The twin faces of the Democratic Party

How delicious is it that the face of the Democratic Party is that lovely duo, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi?  They are the gift that keeps on giving.  So deluded as to why Trump won, they seem to think their particular brand of madness that includes the public shaming of anyone and everyone in the Trump administration is going to win back the House and Senate for their party. It is by now undeniable that the hate-Trump left has gone stark-raving mad.  Its members have lost all semblance of sanity, decorum, and class.  With Mad Maxine Waters leading the way, they are encouraging public interference and assaults in the form of hastily assembled mobs to shame anyone connected to the Trump administration who has the temerity to venture out in public.  Leftists are confident that their fabricated-out-of-whole-cloth "crisis" at the border is the first step to impeachment.  They think the American people are so stupid,...(Read Full Post)