Kim Jong-un flies home to sell the deal to the North Korean ruling elite

It looks as though President Trump won over Kim Jong-un in Singapore, but now Kim has to sell the deal to the Pyongyang power elite.  The stick of a threat of "fire and fury" (meaning the military destruction of the regime) and the carrot of wealth – like that of glittering Singapore, where Kim took the opportunity for sightseeing, including a lavish casino run by the Sheldon Adelson's Sands corporation – certainly worked on the dictator. At his press conference, President Trump mentioned that he had shown a video to Kim illustrating the wealth that could lie ahead for Kim and his regime with an opening to the world.  He also showed off his limousine, known as The Beast, apparently impressing him with its massiveness.  Kim Jong-un clearly loves the boys' toys of modernity. I have long believed that the fact that Kim spent his formative years in a Swiss boarding school was a huge opportunity, for the rest of the North...(Read Full Post)