How liberal wackiness wrecks local government

The town of Jackson, Wyoming, mecca for the über-rich and ski resort center of the scenic Jackson Hole area, elected as mayor (by a 38-vote margin) a radical, Peter Michael Muldoon, with a sketchy past.  He had a felony conviction in Louisiana (later pardoned) for passing bad checks and a misdemeanor for snorting cocaine off a woman's stomach at a music festival.  He pleaded guilty to felony burglary "but was offered a deferred prosecution, which allowed the felony charge to be dismissed after two years of supervised probation."  A platform of free housing that would almost double the size of the town won the ski bum and Hispanic immigrant vote.

Mayor Muldoon's first act was to remove President Trump's official portrait from government offices and replace Trump with Chief Washakie.  He's now been in office as long as the president and, with the backing of the Democrat town council, has been working hard on income redistribution through subsidized housing, LGBTQ rights, and climate change.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the police department cannot pay officers enough to retain them.  The local sheriff's office has lost six out of 23 employees in the past year, with six more slated to leave.  The sewer system is failing.  The road system is crumbling.

No fears.  The town council is busy – trying to allocate millions for "affordable housing" for hotel workers, even though its last venture into real estate was eventually sold at a loss after failure to build a single housing unit.  Since 2001, the town raised $14 million in taxes to buy land for housing, but 60% was never built.  One "successful" project took 14 years and came in $8 million over budget.  At the same time, they asked for a tax surcharge to spend half a million dollars for a new Housing Authority Office. 

The town council is also busy promoting LGBT rights, even though it has been warned that it could entangle the town in budget-breaking lawsuits.

Welcome to the wacky world of liberal power, where a voting coalition of Millennials and Hispanics vote for the guy who promises the most free stuff.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.