How Christians fight back on wedding cakes

In the long run, it may be a blessing that the Supreme Court has not upheld unrestricted freedom of speech and religion for Christians.  The Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case was an opportunity to refresh the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment to Christians.  The Court chose not to do that.  Because a member of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission vilified Christianity as "despicable," the Court ruled that the plaintiff's rights had been denied on the state level.  (Ya think?)

Perhaps it is best that the Court weaseled out, because it may hasten the day when American followers of Christ recognize that government is controlled by people who hate them and that they must stand united for their faith or lose the right to profess it publicly.  This is an idea of how they can do that.

Every Christian-owned business with any potential connection to weddings should prominently display a sign that reads, "In the name of Jesus Christ, this establishment does not provide goods or services for the purposes of same-Sex 'marriage.'"  This is for not only every Christian-owned bakery, but every business selling foods that might be served at a wedding; every men's, women's, and children's clothing store that selling clothes that might be worn at a wedding.  Every Christian jeweler, gift shop, florist, travel agency, photographer, musician, wedding venue, event planner publicly declares his conviction not to provide services for same-sex ceremonies claiming to be weddings.  Every Christian limo service, aesthetician, hair stylist and barber declare resistance in the name of Christ.  Every Christian counselor publishes that he will not counsel same-sex couples before or after any putative marriage ceremony.  While there are probably not a lot of "gay" grooms visiting barbershops in rural Texas, what can the government do to punish a defendant class that includes 100,000 businesses?

It was not possible to organize direct resistance in the pro-life cause because abortion is a private and secretive deed that does not require active participation by Christians who are opposed to it.  Same-sex "marriage" demands passive participation by those who remain silent, and active participation in the form of services provided to these same-sex ceremonies.

For two thousand years, Christians faced terrible suffering to fulfill their commission to publicize their faith.  Why are believers in a faith that specifically calls for boldness so unwilling to fulfill the duty in their own country?  Because it takes community organizing.

The "In the Name" movement can enroll tens of thousands of businesses.  Additionally, millions of individual Christians working in the private or public sectors can declare "I support 'In the Name.'"  Christian privately owned corporations can pledge to support this movement.  All who enroll in this movement need to commit to direct action, whatever that may be, in the service of the declaration against same-sex "marriage."  This movement can become a community with the power to rid public boards of bureaucrats who call Christianity despicable.

Christian unity is the only practical answer to domestic religious persecution.  What can the government do if 75,000,000 Americans finally decide to have the courage of their convictions?  That question needs to be answered.

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