Falling through the liberal looking-glass

In 1865, Lewis Carroll published Through the Looking-Glass, And What Alice Found There.  In this sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice enters an alternative world by climbing through a looking-glass, a mirror, where  much of life is in reverse.  And lo! in 2018 about half of this country seems to be well entrenched in this alternative world, a disconnect that began when Donald J. Trump (R) most unexpectedly -- to liberals -- and most unhappily -- to liberals -- won the presidency.  As a result of the election's stunning -- to liberals – outcome, liberals' minds, such as they are, have fallen deeper and harder through a metaphorical mirror.  In this bizarre alternative universe, Democrats, liberals, lefties and other benighteds praise words and behaviors they would condemn in the real word, say under President Barack Hussein Obama (D),  or condemn behaviors and words they formerly praised under that former president.

And nothing reflects this mirror alternative liberal universe as the differing reactions to Roseanne Barr's truly unpleasant tweet -- no, not necessarily racist -- to Samantha Bee's truly ugly comments about presidential daughter, Ivanka Trump, consisting of foul language about another woman using a degrading word for female parts plus strong implications about a female committing incest. 

Barr apologized but her highly successful show -- and controversial to liberals (naturally) -- was cancelled.  Bee's half-hearted, martyred, professional victimhood non apology apology was on full display when she accepted a Television Academy Honors award for advancing social change

several hours  after Bee so proudly vomited her ugly words.  The Honors' audience rewarded Bee with applause.  Granted the award was announced weeks before Bee's words, but the Academy didn't cancel her appearance or the award.  Bee merely avoided the narcissistic red carpet and the Television Academy suddenly barred the press.

Justifying her Trump comments because of all her other "social justice" comments which prompted the honor, Bee continued;

There is power in saying what you feel without apology… OK, and sometimes you also have to apologize.”

Bee got plenty of laughter and applause for that line, as well as when she opened by declaring, “it actually means so much to accept this with everyone here behind me, these incredible writers and producers.”

Later, Bee also thanked her bosses at Turner, noting that “you always have our back and we appreciate that so deeply.”

In other words, her bosses at Turner and all the other entertainment type people applauding agree with Bee's words about Ivanka Trump because they are on the right side, err… the social justice, correct side of everything.  Even the few sponsors who dropped Bee's program will be considered a badge of honor, a small price to pay for their support of supporting the correct type of social change.   And, in this alternative reality, Bee's  politically correct but little watched -- especially compared to Barr's much larger audience of deplorables -- show will continue.  

"You like me" Academy Award winner Sally Field  backed up Bee with another vile mirror image, anti-feminist vulgar tweet:




Some people, though, didn't agree with Field and tweeted their disgust.  But, of course, most still liked Field.

And so it continues.  More to come from this bizarre reverse world because unlike Through the Looking-Glass, this is no dream but rather a true reflection of the liberal alternative universe.