EU admits: Jihadist terrorism has cost economy hundreds of billions

In a new report prepared by the RAND Corporation for the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), the European Union (E.U.) acknowledges what many national security experts have been arguing for years: This Cost of Non-Europe report argues that since 2004, terrorism has cost the EU about €185 billion in lost Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and around €5.6 billion in lost lives, injuries, and damage to infrastructure.  It is argued that terrorism also harms trade, foreign direct investment and tourism (with immediate but often short-lived consequences in this latter respect), as well as transport[.] ... In most Member States, law enforcement activities have clearly focused on jihadist groups and individuals, as illustrated by 718 of 1002 arrests for terrorist offences across the EU in 2016 related to jihadist violent extremism.  According to Europol, in the same year, jihadist attacks accounted for almost all reported terrorism-related...(Read Full Post)