Dem's false hope: Mueller finishes investigation before Senate confirms SCOTUS pick

This piece in the Daily Beast by David Litt perfectly encapsulates the delusional thinking of Democrats as Trump and the GOP prepare to confirm another conservative justice to the Supreme Court. There is a chance, far from certain but also far from unlikely, that we will soon be forced to consider the following question: Is Vladimir Putin allowed to rewrite the Constitution of the United States? Of course, it’s always possible that sometime this fall, special counsel Robert Mueller’s team will announce that results of their investigation into Russia and the Trump campaign has turned up nothing shady. Those Trump Tower meetings really were about adoption. The president’s fondness for Putin is due to bromance and not blackmail. But it’s also quite possible that there is fire behind the smoke. Consider the following alternate scenario, one entirely plausible given what we currently know: Russian spies handed over stolen intelligence to the Trump...(Read Full Post)