Democrats rushing toward an electoral cliff

Am I missing something, or is the "fringe wing" of the Democratic Party (its now dominant wing) trying to take itself, and with it the whole party, off an electoral cliff?

After reading the news over the last couple weeks, let me see if I have this straight:

Leftist Democrats – who in the Hate Trump era are the Democratic Party – seem to want to make certain that everyone in America knows their party's two core beliefs:

1. The United States has absolutely no right to defend its southern border.  None.  Any attempt to do so, to enforce the nation's immigration laws, passed by Congress and signed by multiple presidents, is cruel, white nationalist, xenophobic, and racist...and probably contributes to global warming.  All the hundreds of thousands of human beings who show up at that border must be allowed instant entry to the country, given immediate access to every existing social welfare and public benefit program, and be allowed to vote in the next election on a ballot in their own languages.

2. Republicans, conservatives, and everyone now working in the Trump administration, including all employees of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), deserve to be refused service in places of public accommodation, including restaurants, theaters, and hotels; hounded from those places, if they somehow get in, by threatening mobs; and then, together with their families and children, harassed and intimidated in their own homes.

Dear God, please, please, please let the Democrats keep this up for the rest of the summer. 

Could the Republican National Committee fund a nationwide speaking tour for Maxine Waters?

Waters talked to Chris Hayes yesterday on MSNBC (video here).

On immigration, every public opinion survey over the last umpteen years confirms that overwhelming majorities of Americans want the country's southern border to be protected and secured; illegal immigration to be halted; those illegally here, especially those already convicted of crimes, to be deported; and legal immigration to be reduced.  There is no  room for factual dispute on this subject.  We are talking about substantial majorities of the American electorate.

Any Republican consultant who wets his pants when he hears that someone has criticized the president for "separating children from their parents" should be fired immediately.

Immigration, especially after the president's tenacious efforts this month to stop the flood of illegals, is a massively winning issue for the president and the Republican Party – all across the country and in every contested congressional district.

During the last two weeks, the president has merely made a serious attempt to secure our border with Mexico – has done no more, in effect, than try to enforce our existing immigration laws.  The universal reaction of Democrat office-holders has been unhinged hysteria at the outrage, the horror, of seeing a president actually try to do what at least the last three presidents have all mendaciously promised to do.

The cat's out of the bag: Democrats will be hooted out of the room the next time they risibly claim to favor border protection.

The Republican National Committee should be grateful to God for the last two weeks' clarifying events, for now the great and defining dichotomy in American politics, for the remainder of this century, is absolutely clear: the Republican Party, led by its sitting president, is the party of a secure southern border and a total halt to illegal immigration.  The Democratic Party is the party that believes that America has no borders, and even if America did, it would be immoral to defend them.

Take your pick, America.

And readers, pick the winner when the choice is thus framed for this November.

Defining themselves as the party of no borders is only the first of the war clubs Democrats have handed the president and his party for the fall.

With the recent open hounding of the president's administrators, in public and at their homes, and with Maxine Waters's call to hound them more, and more aggressively, the Democrats have become the party openly agitating for civil war. 

As a student of American history, attacking federal officials in public places and in their homes does not seem to me a winning proposal for Democrats this November.

Even Nancy Pelosi has enough brain cells left to realize that openly advocating mob action against high-level federal officers and ICE agents might not play well in Peoria.  Monday, Pelosi and others tried to walk back the odious Maxine Waters's call to fire the opening shots in a second civil war.

Too late, I say.  And so should say every embattled Republican.

When a major figure in the Democratic Party issues a call to hound, threaten, and harass federal officials and law enforcement personnel, it is the duty of every Republican campaign official and candidate to set that call with a branding iron into the forehead of the Democratic Party and all its candidates.

The Democratic Party and its irresponsible fellow travelers and propagandists in the corporate media have created the climate of hate for this president that, predictably and inevitably, produced a call for action approaching violence.  That call is unprecedented in American history and deeply ominous for the near-term future of the Republic.

The Democratic Party should be made to pay a heavy electoral price for Maxine Waters's call to harassment, intimidation, and the illegal obstruction of immigration law enforcement.

By defining itself as the party of open borders and endless illegal immigration, and by calling for un-American mass intimidation of federal officials and obstruction of immigration law enforcement, the Democratic Party has handed the president, the Republican Party, and every embattled Republican congressional candidate two huge electoral issues.

We already know that the president is a fighter.  He proves that again and again simply by going to the office every day in this unprecedented atmosphere of hatred and media propaganda masquerading as "news."  He has earned, many times over, the intense admiration, gratitude, and devotion of the overwhelming majority of those who voted for him.

As a fighter, the president no doubt knows how to use the two powerful electoral issues he has been handed over the last couple weeks by the unhinged new Democratic Party.

Can the same be said for those running the national Republican congressional and senatorial campaigns?

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