Democrats are responsible for tent cities for illegal alien kids

Illegal alien children are flooding across the border.  Some are coming alone; some are accompanied by adults who may or may not be their parents.  The government is overwhelmed by the numbers; recently, the government converted a former Walmart into a home for illegal alien kids.  Can you imagine seeing illegal aliens in a Walmart?  That's surely a first for our nation! But as space runs out, the government has announced plans to open tent cities to house the illegal alien kids.  Democrats have blasted this as inhumane, and even Republican House speaker Paul Ryan says he is against separating kids from their illegal alien parents. Well, if he's against it, what is he for? This whole situation was created by Democrats.  First, Democrats and the courts created a magnet of welfare benefits for illegal aliens who entered the country.  It was so tantalizing that some families south of the border sent...(Read Full Post)