Convinced she's Churchill, Hillary Clinton is ready for her comeback

Hillary Clinton is convinced she's Winston Churchill.

Get a load of what her adoring media say, from Front Page Magazine, quoting the Guardian:

Hillary Clinton, in an interview with a British newspaper this week, appeared to compare herself to wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill while responding to a question about being a polarizing figure. 

"I'm sure they said that about Churchill between the wars, didn't they?" she told The Guardian when asked if she should withdraw from public life to help heal divisions in the U.S., given her reputation.

What a pathetic picture: a washed up presidential candidate who was convinced she had it in the bag and who up until now has been otherwise blaming everyone but herself for it (as President Trump has noticed), now delving into the history books in search of delusions of grandeur.  "Between the wars"?  Like, out in the political wilderness, you know, before the big comeback?

For a while there, the séances were all about channeling Eleanor Roosevelt (why didn't that ever become a campaign issue?), but now, it looks as though she's moved on, moved to a bigger league, moved to channel Churchill.  Must be some séances...

It must make sense from her point of view.  Aren't President Trump's "deplorables" really just Nazis?  That's the word from the denizens of the left.  So of course they are, too, in her leftist mind...Nazis, all clicks together.

Beyond Churchill himself, there's also the Churchill narrative, and there it must make even more sense.  Churchill warned about Nazis, got thrown out of power, and then the U.K. ended up with Neville Chamberlain, who tried to cut deals with Hitler at Munich.  The result of that mess was that the U.K. went right back and brought him in again.

Trump is making a mess, as she sees it, though comparing him to Chamberlain is a stretch.  Never mind that...

Bottom line: Hillary is getting ready to run again.  She's thinking of a comeback to beat back the Nazis.  It's why the Churchill story is living rent-free inside her head these days.  Churchill, Churchill, Churchill...

Lucky us.

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