Border chase crash: The case for a wall builds

The press is reporting another mass-casualty crash near the Texas-Mexico border, based on a Border Patrol vehicle chasing a smuggler's car loaded with illegal aliens, driving at 100 miles per hour.

Five people were killed and several others were injured on Sunday in a high-speed car chase involving Border Patrol and an SUV allegedly carrying illegal aliens from Mexico into Texas.

NBC News reports that at around 11 a.m. on Sunday, immigration officials stationed near the town of Big Wells in southwest Texas spotted three SUVs they believed to be smuggling undocumented immigrants [sic]. Agents stopped two of the cars, they said, but chased after a third, which was reportedly speeding along Highway 85 at around 100 miles per hour.  Border Patrol agents and a local sheriff's deputy chased the car until it ran off the road, ejecting several passengers.

"Border patrol was pursuing a vehicle, a Chevrolet Suburban, and one of my deputies assisted and took over the pursuit just west of Big Wells," Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boyd told ABC News. "The vehicle was traveling around 100 miles per hour and from what we could tell the vehicle ran off the road, caught gravel, then tried to recorrect and that caused the vehicle to turn over several times."

To ordinary Americans, the fault here is completely that of the smuggling syndicate's driver, who, like a bank-robber, was driving at an illegal speed in an attempt to get away with an even bigger illegal activity.

Smugglers and the people who run human-smuggling rackets are a vicious bunch.  Many are Mafia.  Many are cartel members.  All of them are human-traffickers, and their human cargos are a commodity to them.  They charge exorbitant fees for border crossings, and some collect on those debts by enslaving their human traffic.  They have been known to crash cars repeatedly when in hot pursuit with border agents, as this new case shows.  They've also left people in overcrowded trucks in the desert to suffocate and have abandoned border-crossers, including women and children, in the blazing hot desert wilderness to die.  It's nothing to them to drive at 100 miles per hour to avoid lawmen and risk not only their "cargo's" lives, but those of lawmen and innocent bystanders, too.  They're that inhuman.

The blame for this crash is completely on them.

Yet, incredibly, the left and its press allies have already begun blaming the Border Patrol instead of the cartel smugglers:

Here is what Jezebel reported:

But the conversation surrounding border security has sharply increased over the last few weeks, both with the implementation of the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy regarding undocumented immigrants [sic], and the revelation that immigration officials have been separating caught migrants from their children at the border.

NPR linked it to the separation of children issue, too:

The deadly car crash came hours before a group of Democratic legislators arrived at the largest immigrant [sic] children's holding facility in Brownsville, Texas and shortly after a group of New York and New Jersey Democrats visited a detention center in Elizabeth, N.J.

In recent months the Trump administration has come under attack for implementing a "zero tolerance" immigration policy that includes arresting and separating undocumented [sic] parents from their children as they are caught crossing the border.

Both CNN and an NBC affiliate juxtaposed news of the carnage with statements from Border Patrol efforts suggesting that the lawmen were doing their job, or "good police work," in a bid to make them look like heartless monsters, a distortion of context if there ever was one.  Those manipulations can be read here and here.

And open-borders activists have long claimed that Border Patrol lawmen were using car chases as a "weapon" to kill illegal aliens.  That baroque claim has been gladly printed by The Guardian, which sees nothing strange or worth pursuing further about it.

The sad truth remains – high-speed driving by criminals engaged in human-smuggling is a sad reality that conflicts sharply with normal border enforcement.  Either we have border enforcement or we allow smugglers to ferry their human cargo in without interception, a policy that will only ensure more of it.  All of the lawmen quoted say it improves the case for a wall.

We tolerate crashes, we let smugglers run free, or we build a wall.  For most Americans, the third alternative is the only legitimate one.

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