As the Dems go radical, Bill Clinton seems to see the danger of a red wave coming in November

Trump Derangement Syndrome is combining with resentment over the cheating of Bernie Sanders out of the 2016 presidential nomination to lead the Democratic Party toward an embrace of angry radicalism, which will result in rejection by voters on November 8.  Bill Clinton, who led his party to victory in the 1990s with moderation ("triangulation"), apparently sees the danger of the party repulsing mainstream Americans and gaining status as a radical minority, successful only in big cities.

Yesterday, he went on the little watched late-night program hosted by Trump-hating Trevor Noah and averred a "lot of respect" for the way Sarah Sanders handled her harassment and expulsion from the Red Hen restaurant.

Perhaps before going on air, he watched this video from the GOP showcasing the nasty extremism of the left these days:

I see Clinton as trying a little role-modeling and warning to his party about embracing hatred.

It will fall on deaf ears.

I am more and more optimistic over the possibility of the GOP holding the House and expanding its Senate majority.

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