As blacks flee San Francisco, rich lefties who displaced them elect a mascot black mayor to virtue-signal

San Francisco has finally sorted out the ballots in its tight mayor's race, and the press can't stop gushing about the result.  The new mayor is 43-year-old London Breed, a woman whose main accomplishment, according to the press, is that she is black.  You can't find anything at all about her positions or possible past achievements; all you learn from the news accounts is that she is black, and that's reason enough to be excited. Get a load of these breathless headlines: It’s a really big deal that SF elected London Breed as mayor -San Francisco Chronicle For the first time, a black woman is elected mayor of San Francisco – CNN London Breed becomes San Francisco's first black female mayor -BBC With London Breed, San Francisco Has Elected Its First Black Female Mayor -Vogue (OK, it's Vogue, but it arrived at the top of a Google search) Hear how they gush.  Apparently, up until now, San Francisco...(Read Full Post)