Are Democrats becoming the stupid party as well as the evil one?

There's a truckload of truth in the old political saw that the Democratic Party is the party of evil, while the Republicans are the stupid party.  But now it seems as though the Democrats are bound and possessed to be champions in both categories.  Please don't misunderstand me: although Donald Trump elevated the political I.Q. of the GOP significantly by himself alone, as a group the Republicans are still pretty obtuse. Here we're going to discuss the Democrats, not Republicans.  Take Newsweek magazine.  Its cover story is "Bernie Sanders: Why Democrats can't win midterm 2018 without him."  This may well be true, for what else do the Democrats have?  They have come out against the strong economy and in support of MS-13 animals, and they have no policy ideas.  They have repeatedly shown more concern for illegal aliens than they do for...(Read Full Post)