After fundraiser cancellation, we learn the country-club set really, really, really, dislikes Trump

For sheer jerkery, it's hard to top the Franklin Hill Country Club of Oakland County in Michigan.

Instead of telling pro-Trump Republican candidate Lena Epstein right off the bat she wasn't welcome there, they took her money and scheduled her for a fundraiser well in advance of its starting date. Then one of them connected to some former daddy-president whined, the rest of them started clutching their pearls, and shortly before the event was set to run, they cancelled it, offering some hoity toity reason for their failure to fulfill their contract the way the rest of us do. The Detroit News has the story:

Epstein, who strongly supports Trump, got a call Friday informing her that the country club board had voted to cancel her fundraiser because of her political views, she said.  

Epstein co-chaired Trump's campaign in Michigan in 2016. She is seeking the GOP nomination in the 11th District, where Republican Rep. Dave Trott is retiring. 

"It’s discrimination. Let’s call it what it is," Epstein said. "I'm a longstanding member. My family were longstanding members of the community. We've never experienced anything like this."

Here's how bad it was, as the Detroit News described it:

Franklin Hills' apparent cancellation of Epstein's event came a week after a Facebook post by Michael Simon, the son of a former president of the club, who raised concerns about Epstein's support for Trump's border and immigration policies.

“Franklin Hills was founded in 1927 because Jews were not permitted to be members elsewhere,” Simon wrote in the now-deleted post.

“My deep connection to this place is why I’m so heartbroken to see FHCC’s leaders affiliate themselves with the racist campaign being run by Lena Epstein to tear children from the arms of their parents.”

Simon called on Franklin Hills members and the wider Jewish community to disassociate themselves from Epstein's campaign and instead donate to the Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services that's working to reunite immigrant families separated at the border.

The irony of the whole thing is, the club was founded by Jewish people decades ago who had been shut out of conventional WASP white shoe clubs. Epstein has a Jewish name and goes back four generations in her club membership. Now some Jews aren't welcome, it seems. Apparently supporting Trump is a license to discriminate against Jews again.

It's also disgusting for another reason: Country clubs are status symbols for the elites. The elites don't like Trump. The elites run things, as well as determine who has status. In shutting down the fundraiser and running out on their tab, they've shown what America's elites think of anyone who supports President Trump: NOKD, as they say, meaning: Not Our Kind, Dear.

Well, no wonder Epstein said the fundraiser she did hold, at an Italian restaurant instead, was so much more of a success. Message sent: In order to beat the country club elites, it helps to support President Trump.

Glad to hear that Epstein got more money for it. Keep it up, clowns: This is how you get More Trump.

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