Women need to take a tip from Kanye

Kanye West: "All blacks gotta be Democrats?  Man, we ain't made it off the plantation."  To those words I will add, "All women have to be liberal to be supported by establishment feminists?"  Women have not taken a step forward since the '70s.  The oppression of women by the patriarchy has been replaced by the oppression of loud-mouth liberal feminists who cannot stomach any woman who thinks for herself.

In 2002, after Al Gore suffered a stunning defeat, Gloria Steinem chastised women who did not vote for her guy.  Her exhortation claimed that European-American women who do not vote for the liberal feminist agenda are not worthy of self-respect.

This decades-old mantra, most recently echoed by Hillary Clinton after her own stunning defeat, is meant to instill the belief that women who do not toe the liberal line are too stupid to discern what our candidates stand for or are born into families that normalize inequality.  If that is not oppressive enough, these irrelevant feminists think conservative women are dependent on supremacist men for income and approval.  Is it any wonder that establishment feminism is vanishing into a vast sinkhole?

And who can dismiss the inspissated bile spewing out of the mouth of the faux comedian at the White House Correspondents' Dinner?  Her missiles of ignorance fortified the ugly reputation of liberal feminists.  To top it all off, just this week, Michelle Obama asked, referring to female Trump-supporters, "What were they thinking?"  I will tell her exactly what we were thinking.  The women I hang with, most of whom have at least one advanced degree, could not give a twit about Donald Trump's locker room talk or his sexual escapades.  We voted for Trump because we quickly realized that this was the person who could dismantle odious Obama policies, help business, create jobs, and put the country back on the right track.  With all his accomplishments since Election Day, it is clear that we were absolutely thinking straight.

Liberal feminists remind me of rabid dogs who are so focused on their target that they fail to notice what is going on in their surroundings.  What is going on?  There is a seismic shift happening around them.  Women are getting fed up with their tired old rhetoric – e.g., if you stray from the liberal orthodoxy, you are by default racist, ignorant, blah, blah, blah.  We understand the truth: these radical leftists cannot debate political difference.

Establishment feminists are on a collision course with conservative feminists.  We refuse to surrender our independent thought and follow liberal orthodoxy.  We have all witnessed the failure of progressive governance: porous borders, out-of-control wholesale abortion, Big Government spending, the demonization of white American men, and the demeaning of conservative women.

When conservative women are accused of being heartless (among other charges) because we will not go along with the establishment feminist orthodoxy, women like me, some in recovery from their Democrat affiliation, realize with alacrity that there is a big difference between compassion and spending other people's money in order to look compassionate.  Their words, loaded with tartuffery, are mere moral masquerading.

Liberal feminist women are fanatics.  The louder they scream and try to demean conservative women, the more we will push back.