What's all this baloney about Sarah Sanders supposedly being 'untruthful'?

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post wrote a piece skewering Sarah Sanders for not being truthful.  Here's a choice morsel, to give you a sense of the tone:

It's not as though Sarah Huckabee Sanders has not misled the White House press corps before.  In fact, she has done so on a regular basis.

Somehow I don't remember Rubin or anyone else ripping into Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney, or Josh Earnest, past presidential spokesmen, as they continuously misled the public and the White House Press Corps on substantial matters throughout Obama's eight long years.

President Obama and his administration cared little about the truth as they knowingly lied about: 

  • Obamacare
  • Fast and Furious
  • the IRS targeting of political dissidents
  • Benghazi
  • terrorists being on the run
  • illegal spying on Americans
  • ransom to Iran in the Iran deal

...and more.

Obama even said he had no idea that Hillary Clinton, his secretary of state, was using an illegal email system even as he emailed her directly throughout her four years.  Not once did I hear the spokespeople correct Obama even though they clearly knew that what he was saying wasn't true.  Not once do I remember Jennifer Rubin or others calling out the three men who were Obama's press secretaries and say they shouldn't be trusted.

But somehow Sarah Sanders is supposed to know everything about a private payment between Michael Cohen and a porn star who was extorting Trump.

It certainly appears that Rubin and almost all the press corps are either sexist or are just completely biased since they call out a woman but didn't call out three males.  I believe they are just completely biased and haven't cared about facts for a long time.  It appears they will support a president and his spokespeople as long as they agree with their policies, and they will trash anyone who doesn't.

Here's proof of what I mean, and note, too, that in the first case, the argument for sexism here goes unremarked.

Look at the way the media are treating Central Intelligence Agency director nominee Gina Haspel.  She is being trashed because she was supposedly too tough on terrorists when almost everyone wanted the government to be tough on terrorists.  Five previous CIA directors are supporting Haspel along with the CIA rank and file, but that is not good enough.  How would the media have treated Haspel if Obama had nominated her?  My guess is they would have cheered for the first woman ever to be head of the CIA.

I also look at the miserable way Democrats treated U.S. ambassador to Germany nominee Richard Grenell, Trump's choice for the critical post.  Grenell is a gay man and well qualified, but somehow neither the media nor the gay community ever raised a stink about the Democrat delays on confirming him.  Can anyone imagine if Republicans had blocked a gay nominee by Obama?

I also look at the treatment of Kanye West, a black man who dares to have independent thought sufficient to support President Trump, alongside half the country.

According to Maxine Waters, a Democratic congresswoman and a real genius in her own mind, Kanye West is emblematic of how blacks sometimes just aren't smart enough to formulate their own thoughts.

Waters said West is a "creative young man" and credited him with creating "revolutionary material" for African-Americans.

But, she warned that West "talks out of turn" and "sometimes needs some assistance in helping him [sic] to formulate some of his thoughts."

The bias of the media is astonishing.  Women and minorities should be respected only as long as they don't stray from liberal indoctrination, and yet they pretend they have a big tent.  What garbage.

Look at Hillary.  The media all pretend they care about women being abused by powerful men and the "Me Too" movement, but they were willing to put a woman and her husband back in the White House (they still would today), no matter how many women the Clintons physically and mentally abused over decades.  The Clintons and their staff including George Stephanopoulos sought to destroy any woman who dared call out Bill for abuse.  Rarely did anyone care about these credible accusers even throughout the 2016 election.

Everyone should remember that selective outrage by the media, Democrats, Hollywood, and others is not outrage at all.  It is just pure bias and worthless.