What kind of nation has to deal with an epidemic of child suicide?

At a time when our state governments are going broke paying for a multitude of stupid education programs that never seem to improve scholastic results, a new concern about which we are being asked to "raise our awareness" is, unbelievably, child suicide.

Not all that long ago, child suicide was essentially nonexistent.  And no wonder.  Child suicide is so far outside the normal bounds of nature, which is well known for its relentless push to create new babies, that it is virtually unthinkable.  Now, in our progressively expanding utopia, it is a "growing crisis."  The TV ads in my current hometown say a suicide note is found in some local school nearly every day!

I strongly suspect that this TV claim is not literally true.  Recall Mark Twain's categorization of dubious official statements: lies, damned lies, and statistics.  While not literally true, the variously reported instances of unhappiness, loneliness, and "alienation" certainly seem to be on the rise, both in kids and in people in general.  Fundamental transformation is working. 

How is this to be understood?  Where would such a seemingly impossible childhood suicide problem begin?  Well, kids spend their days in the public schools, where they are taught to hate everything about their nation, their culture, and their families, including themselves if they are Caucasian and Christian and normal.  What do you suppose such a curriculum would produce?  Contentment and joie de vivre?  Just ask any snowflake.  They know. 

Next, whom are you prepared to believe about the etiology of, not to mention the solution to, this problem?  Because you can be sure that the psychobabblers have yet another "innovative" solution in mind, which, not surprisingly, involves a new bureaucracy (bigger government and tax-funded jobs for more otherwise unemployable psychobabblers) with various programs designed to combat what they say are the causes.

Ask any engineer, or even any backyard inventor, mechanic, or tinkerer.  If they do something that ruins their project or makes it work worse, the best they will tell you is, "At least I learned what not to do."  But not our friendly-neighborhood social engineers.  When they screw something up, and it becomes obvious that their latest ministrations have caused more, and more serious, problems than before, after taking a few moments to regain their composure (wipe contented smiles off their faces), they come up to the cameras wearing their concerned faces and say, "Give us more money so we can help even more children."

What's wrong with the rest of us that we have allowed these things?  The answer is in our deliberately subversive "education" system, which we fund by our taxes to destroy the enfolding institutions of those who pay the taxes.  The babblers are biting the hand that feeds them.  Has no one noticed this irony?

Will you listen to those who caused the problem, or will you note the inevitable results that they have wrought, along with the deteriorating trends on almost every societal front, and insist that we stop doing the stupid things that really cause all of it?  

Where to begin?  Start here:

  1. Fire all "special" educators (and their various psycho-babbling minions and enablers, who, along with complicit "journalists," are the civilian political officers of the left), and eliminate their philosophy from education policy.
  2. Reorganize the ed schools with a view to returning to the business of education (teaching) rather than indoctrinating the mediocrity-promoting P.C. dogma.
  3. Dismantle almost everything the New Deal, the Great Society, and Hope and Change established would be the next, more fundamental, step.  

Do these things, and the rest will almost take care of themselves.

But what to do with all those out-of-work "educators"?  Hadn't you heard?  America is building factories and hiring.  Away from impressionable children, at least those folks will begin to make a productive contribution to the nation again.  And with schools again teaching rather than "educating," fewer children will think of suicide.

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