USC prof decries 'cabal of right-wing provocateurs' who look to shut down left-wingers

David Bernstein at alerts us to a blog post by a USC professor who believes that free speech on campus is under attack by a "cabal of right-wing provocateurs" looking to make universities look bad because they shut down conservative speakers. Michael Simkovic wrote: Recently, the Federalist Society invited South Texas College of Law Houston's Josh Blackman to lecture at CUNY law school.  Professor Blackman's sparsely attended lecture drew protestors because of Blackman's previous criticism of an amnesty program for undocumented immigrants [sic] and his use of language the protestors interpreted as racial dog whistling. A university official asked the students to be respectful, defended Blackman's right to speak, and admonished the students "please don't take the bait."  One student noticed Blackman recording himself and asked Blackman, "You chose CUNY didn't...(Read Full Post)
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