The best way for Trump to drain the swamp

There are many reasons to drain the swamp (Washington, D.C.) of those who threaten to ruin our country.  May I bring up one more?  The Democrats are using the swamp to fix elections.

While Special Counsel Robert Mueller tries to learn if a government tried to fix the 2016 presidential election for Donald Trump, it appears that another government tried to fix the election for Hillary Clinton – namely, the U.S. government.  The New York Times reports that the FBI sought dirt on candidate Trump even to the point of having a spy inside the Trump campaign.  Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson confirms this on page 175 of his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  It is not clear if the purpose was to help Clinton win the election or to punish Trump by jailing him.  Regardless, this is the Obama administration trying do what Mueller thinks the Russians did.

Fortunately, the FBI did not find enough dirt, if any, to help Clinton.  With Trump in office, the dubiously named Justice Department will not easily be able to help the Democratic presidential candidate in 2020, but this is not the end of the battle.

Suppose that a Democrat becomes president someday.  He could then order the Justice Department to get back to seeking dirt on prominent Republicans.  We would be back where we were in 2016.  The best way to prevent this is to punish those who illegally spied on Republicans in that year.  Then an agent who is ordered to find dirt on the president's enemies will refuse because he does not want to go to prison.

Prosecuting any criminal behavior that federal employees committed in 2016 to the point of putting the remaining employees in fear will force those employees to stick to their work assignments.  This is how to drain the swamp.

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