Starbucks chairman announces free bathrooms and table space for the homeless

The ever well meaning Starbucks chairman, Howie Schultz, more terrified of bad publicity and claims of racism than anything in the world, has just announced a rather customer-unfriendly policy of opening Starbucks bathrooms (as well as table space) to all comers, including people who won't spring for a $4 cup of coffee.  Speaking to the Atlantic Council, according to the Washington Post, Schultz said: "We don't want to become a public bathroom, but we're going to make the right decision a hundred percent of the time and give people the key," Schultz said, "because we don't want anyone at Starbucks to feel as if we are not giving access to you to the bathroom because you are less than." Well, yes, you do, Howie.  If you open the bathrooms to all comers, including non-paying customers, you're turning Starbucks into a public bathroom.  How stupid do you think we are? For those of us who do buy...(Read Full Post)