Shin Bet: Iran is funding Hamas border demonstrations

Every action has consequences.  we'll be dealing with the consequences of agreeing to a flawed nuclear deal with Iran for years to come.

One of those consequences is that the deal gave Iran tens of billions of dollars in cash, the result of unfreezing Iranian assets.  Iran has used that money to make trouble in several places, including allowing Hezb'allah to assist President Assad in Syria, funding Houthi rebels in Yemen, and giving some extra cash to Hamas in their war of extermination against Israel.

The Israeli internal security service Shin Bet is saying the huge demonstrations on the Gaza border with Israel are being funded by the Iranians.  The report will be believed with varying degrees of skepticism.  But it is given credence by the fact that Iran already funds Hamas.

Times of Israel:

Hamas has warned its own members to stay away from the security fence during Gaza's mass protests, lest they get shot, while actively encouraging Palestinian civilians – particularly children and teens – to approach the border, the Shin Bet added, citing findings from a number of interrogations.  If the fence is breached, however, armed Hamas gunmen are poised to enter Israel to carry out attacks. ...

"From the information we have, it appears Hamas is encouraging and sending protesters to the border fence in order to carry out violent acts and damage security infrastructure. In addition, it was found that Iran is providing funding to Hamas in order for it to carry out these violent activities along the Gaza Strip's border fence," the Shin Bet said.

The protest against the U.S. moving its embassy to Jerusalem today has reportedly resulted in at least 41 Palestinian dead.  The Hamas plan is unfolding brilliantly.  Of course, the Western press will ignore Hamas using its own people as cannon fodder to violate Israel's security infrastructure and concentrate on the casualties themselves.  Meanwhile, the IDF has come under fire from "peaceful demonstrators."

Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry said 41 Palestinians were killed and over 500 were wounded in the violence, amid the biggest riots and rallies in a weeks-long campaign of protests against Israel.

The Israeli army said around 50,000 Gazans were demonstrating in 12 locations along the border.  It said thousands more were gathered at points several hundred meters from the fence. ...

The army said three of those killed were trying to plant explosives at the border fence.  In two separate incidents, IDF troops opened fire on gunmen who were trying to shoot them, Hadashot TV said.

There is blood on former president Obama's hands, and no amount of media whitewashing can remove it.  The incomprehensible decision to hand over tens of billions of dollars to a country considered by all Western intelligence agencies to be the world's number-one terrorist state must be understood in the context of why the agreement was negotiated.  It was not to prevent Iran from getting the bomb.  The deal was reached to give Western nations an excuse not to attack Iran militarily and deny the Iranians what they will eventually get: an atomic bomb.

We will be paying for this deal for decades to come.

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