Press piles on Ivanka Trump again, blaming her for bogus 'lost children' issue

Posting a personal, tender, loving picture of herself with her young son, Theodore, on Mother's Day, Ivanka Trump was rained with vitriol by the left on Twitter.  The leftist rage was then amplified by the press, reporting this garbage as straight news.  For this:

Instagram screenshot from Ivanka Trump's site.

Look at these headlines:

US child migrants: Ivanka's mother and child photo sparks backlash –BBC

Ivanka Trump's Photo With Her Son Has Been Criticized as 'Tone Deaf' –Time

Ivanka Trump's Snuggle with Son Lands Her in the Middle of Outrage Over Lost Migrant Children –People

Ivanka Trump Photo With Son Labeled 'Tone Deaf' After U.S. Border Agents Separate Children From Families –Newsweek/Yahoo! News

From Gaza Deaths to Migrant Children: Ivanka Trump Slammed For Being 'Tone-Deaf' to Humanitarian Crises –Ha'aretz

Ivanka Trump posted a photo with her son. Some on social media weren't too happy. –Washington Post

Note that seemingly reluctant tone from the Post.  "Just reportin' the facts, ma'am" – so they'd have you think.

What we are seeing here is a classic media pile-on, a hive of stingers going to work, a mau-mau, trying to bully Ivanka into submission for an issue she literally has nothing to do with and whose own views on it are unknown.

Can't Ivanka be a human being?  Can't she post on Instagram like normal people?  It's just amazing and appalling that the left will politicize every little thing, even treading on the sacred ground of motherhood to ram through its vicious political points and point-scorings.  It shows the basic inhumanity of these vile people.

It's not surprising that Ivanka is being targeted, given that she comes off as a natural and normal person yet is also seen as the liberal member of the Trump family, and the one who wants to be respectable and blend into Upper East Side society.  To the press, that makes her the weak link, the one these people think they can flip through bullying, the better to make hay on the left-wing issues they have been championing.  Whether it's the Jerusalem embassy opening, where she was actually blamed for terrorists getting themselves slaughtered in Gaza, or now the illegal aliens whose illegal alien sponsors never bothered to respond to a federal survey about the kids they were housing, any sighting of Ivanka is excuse enough for the media to blame her for things she never had anything to do with, and things she never did.  It's becoming a pattern.

It's a completely false news "narrative," and the press knows it, which is why journalists are trying to look so detached, reporting the rage of anonymous internet cranks and trolls as straight news.  Once again, look at the fake detachment in the Washington Post's version.  How many Russian bots got the ball rolling on this one (it's so classically divisive), and how much of the media bought the whole thing as a result?

That's the real story if any of them care to report it.  Everything else about this false tie-in of Ivanka Trump to the latest bogus illegal alien flap is simply harassment, not news.

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