Photos: Iran's truck-drivers take on the mullahs in indefinite nationwide strike

Angry Iranian truck-drivers began a nationwide strike on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 in more than 70 cities, protesting the mullah regime.  They protested low wages; high taxes; lack of job security; mismanagement of their facilities; worsening living conditions; and deteriorating sources of revenue along with rising costs of maintenance, both the result of Iran's monetary mismanagement, which has driven down the value of Iran's currency, including their earnings.  Truck-drivers, and especially fuel truck-drivers, refused to continue loading freight, and they parked their trucks in parking lots in cities and even on highways, chanting slogans against the authorities for mismanagement and for plundering their revenues.  The strike by the fuel truckers led to fuel shortages in gas stations in the Fars province, triggering a rush to the fuel stations and long lines for fuel rationing. It's a significant strike because freight transportation has...(Read Full Post)