Pelosi promises to 'revisit' tax cut law if Dems win back House

The more Democrats swear they've changed, the more they peddle the same tired agenda to voters.

Nancy Pelosi told a meeting hosted by Politico that if Democrats win back control of the House, they will "revisit" the GOP tax cut bill.

Fox News:

At a breakfast hosted by Politico, reporter Jake Sherman asked Pelosi to respond to a Republican ad that claims "you would like to institute a single-payer health care program and cancel – [raise] taxes, I think they mean, roll back the tax cuts they passed this year."

"Well, the second part there is accurate," Pelosi chuckled in response, before adding "I do think we should revisit the tax legislation in ... a bipartisan transparent way."

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Matt Gorman jumped on Pelosi's comment, tweeting: "I promise you that will be in almost every GOP ad this fall."

Oh, yeah, it will.  This is the same tax bill responsible for a record monthly surplus in April.  That surplus was due to voters having more money in their pockets because of stronger than expected wage increases. 

In January, Pelosi dismissed bonuses given to workers as a result of the tax reform plan as "crumbs" – despite the fact that some workers received bonuses worth up to $2,000.

In March, Fox News reported that some House Democrats wanted Pelosi to step aside as leader after the party failed to win a series of special elections in 2017.  Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan failed to unseat her in a leadership challenge after the 2016 elections, but did manage to get 63 votes from his fellow lawmakers.

Last week, Pelosi told The Boston Globe that she was "confident" that Democrats would regain control of the House for the first time since 2010 and declared she would run for Speaker.

"It's important that it not be five white guys at the table," said Pelosi, referencing President Trump and the other three congressional leaders.  "I have no intention of walking away from that table."

There is no doubt that the budget deal that added $300 billion to federal spending will increase the deficit and add to the federal debt.  But I've got a novel proposal for Pelosi and the Democrats to consider.  Why not cut spending instead of raising taxes?  If the deficit concerns you – and it should – the better way to address that problem is to reduce federal outlays over a period of years.

Only five-year-olds and liberals believe that you can't cut anything but defense spending from a $4.4-trillion budget.  So instead of taking money out of people's pockets to pay for questionable domestic programs, why not cut the budget somewhere else?  There is no end to suggestions as to where to cut federal spending. You could throw a dart at a budget pie chart and lop off a hundred billion with no problem.

Alas, Democrats never listen.  So they are doomed to repeat mistakes they've been making for decades and insist that voters have too much money.  They might actually win in November if they proposed an intelligent spending program for the government, but it's simply not in their DNA.

Pelosi was only telling the truth.  That should be a problem for most voters.

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