No Blankenship factor, but lots of GOP voters in Ohio

It was a great Tuesday night for the GOP.  It was not a good night for the pollsters who keep talking "blue wave" or the newsmen who told us about those West Virginia internal polls that showed a Blankenship surge. To their credit, raised doubts about the internal polls a day or so ago: Internal polls – politico-speak for polls conducted by a campaign or another entity with a stake in the race – have their uses.  Indeed, in this case, we don't have any recent public polls of the race. But you should take internal polls with several grains of salt. Frankly, I'm taking most polls these days with tons of grains of salt.  I don't know how you can poll by phone when most Americans do not answer their phones or even have landlines.  I have a landline, but it's because I call overseas and work from a home office. Again, Don Blankenship was not a factor at...(Read Full Post)