New York Daily News hits new low with disgusting Jerusalem embassy opening cover

An opinionated tabloid cover can be effective, but only if the point made is so obvious that an entire audience can see and relate to it.  It also helps if it is humorous and has a witty headline.  What it's not is garbage that looks as though it comes straight from fake news, or compares apples to oranges in the name of promoting the propaganda of some unhappy terrorist group.

With the Jerusalem embassy opening, the Daily News has ventured well into the second category in its cover and is completely disgusting.

Look at this putrid cover shot.

President Trump's favorite daughter, Ivanka Trump Kushner, who is an Orthodox Jewish convert, was sent to Jerusalem for the U.S. embassy opening.  Rather than focus on the historic occasion, which is all about the U.S. and its effort to honor its top ally in the Middle East, it drags in some utterly unrelated issue, way out in a hellhole like Gaza, where a bunch of Islamist maniacs linked to the terror group Hamas apparently threw Molotov cocktails and assorted bombs and got several dozen of their numbers killed, apparently because they were aggressive and because they used their own women and children as human shields.  It was the using and expending of live humans for propaganda purposes to get out some sort of sob story about their desire to destroy Israel and make us all sympathetic.  Maybe they were unhappy about the embassy or something, or trying to upstage the happy occasion of the U.S. embassy opening with more TV images of themselves screaming and contorting themselves and looking unkempt.  One can assume they want something – perhaps the annihilation of the Jewish state – but nobody knows.  And since they do this all the time, nobody except Trump-hating leftists cares, either.

The bottom line is that they staged some sort of predictable-as-daylight killing of themselves, and somehow that's supposed to be connected to Ivanka Trump, who was there for the ribbon-cutting of the far more important U.S. embassy opening.  Ivanka, as it happened, was a splendid representative.

But because these two unrelated events happened in the same time period, the Daily News decided to headline its cover with an absolutely nasty, disgusting headline calling Ivanka Trump a ghoul, as if Ivanka had anything, anything at all, to do with terrorists staging some spectacle intended to make us coo over them.

Well, we aren't.  We don't want to hear about the maniacs.  We don't believe in giving publicity to publicity hounds, and we don't want to hear about their self-barbarism, either.  We wanted to see Ivanka, and the Daily News went to the bathroom all over her picture, trying to pin something on her that she had nothing to do with, all out of an appalling spitefulness against President Trump.

Maybe a good reader response will shake them out of the pit they seem to have dug for themselves, because I sure won't.

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