Memorial Day: A chart showing where America's serviceman sacrifices were the greatest


Axios of all places has a moving Memorial Day map showing on this day where the most post-9-11 service sacrifices have come from.

The link, titled: "Hometowns of Americans who died for U.S. since 9/11," to the impressive work is here.

The map is useful because it doesn't just put pin-dots up to correspond with numbers of war dead.  It color-marks the pin-dots, showing orange and red where the largest sacrifices in proportion to the population have been, which increases our understanding of what the war sacrifices have meant.

The result, of course, is not that surprising.  The sons and daughters of the Midwest and the South have made some of the biggest sacrifices, by this criterion, meaning that those communities have been collectively affected the most.  Louisiana and Arkansas have some of the greatest numbers of red dots.  There are also some large orange and red dots in battered, neglected Northern California (the parts where the hipsters and Pelosis don't go), in Colorado, in Michigan, and in Georgia.

Quantity-wise, the contributions from the Los Angeles area are the largest and warrant respect, too.

It throws light on the pause all Americans should be giving to the huge sacrifices those who served our country have made and the vast impact those acts have had on some of our noblest communities.  See it here.


Image credit: David Trawin via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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