Media indifference to Hillary's money-laundering

The media have never shown much interest in Hillary and the DNC laundering over $10 million in campaign funds through a law firm to hide the purpose of creating a fake dossier.  Instead, the media are having a collective orgasm about a porn star and a $130,000 payment.

The $130,000 payment appears to be pure blackmail about an unverified seven-hour rendezvous that occurred in 2006.  Why did Stephanie Clifford, who went by the name Stormy Daniels when having sex on camera for money, wait until less than one month before the election to come forward?

Do people think that if Stormy Daniels had much information, it would have cost only $130,000?

Can the media think of any other porn star who has been treated as pure as the driven snow by the media because of one unsubstantiated claim of a seven-hour rendezvous twelve years ago?

I want to know if Stormy claimed the $130,000 as income on her 2016 tax return.  If not, she is a felon, but no journalist seems to be interested.

Why haven't the media asked the porn star if she kept track of all her encounters with men in such a detailed manner, and if she has had the occasion to extort money from others?

The porn star's attorney is on MSNBC and CNN so much that I have to wonder if they are paying him a retainer or if he has any other clients.  I wonder who is paying the attorney.  Has the attorney been asked if Stormy claimed the extortion money as income?

Meanwhile, escaping the media's gaze is over $10 million funneled through a law firm from the DNC and the Hillary campaign to pay Fusion GPS to pay Christopher Steele to create a false Russian dossier by paying Russian sources to destroy Trump.

I haven't seen Hillary, John Podesta, or anyone from the DNC questioned about the over $10 million laundered through a law firm to Fusion to Steele to Russian sources to create a fake dossier.

Hillary is being interviewed all over the place, complaining why she lost, but no one seems to be interested at all in the obvious collusion among her, the FBI, and the Obama administration on using the dossier as an excuse to spy on and destroy Trump. 

Hillary should be asked why the Democrats had to spend over $10 million to create a fictitious document to destroy Trump.  Weren't the truth and policy differences good enough?  She should be asked if there was a political motivation in mind when they laundered the money to hide the purpose of creating the fake dossier – or did they just do it for fun?

The media should ask themselves why the Democrats had to resort to a fake document to try to defeat and destroy Trump.

Why haven't the law firm and Fusion been raided by the FBI to see whom all they paid and where their money comes from?  Why aren't their phones monitored like Michael Cohen's?

Why hasn't the FEC investigated the obvious violations of campaign finance law when the DNC and Hillary intentionally hid the intent of these huge payments?  Aren't they at all curious about what other payments were misclassified?

Why haven't the media or the FBI asked Hillary why the DNC refused to allow the FBI or intelligence agencies to examine their computers since they accused Russia of a crime?

Could it be that the FBI along with the media overwhelmingly supported Hillary for president and have no intent to actually report the truth?

Here is a clue for the media via the Daily Caller as to why the FBI hasn't been at all interested in investigating Hillary.  I bet even some journalists may be able to spot the problem.  (Think about an all-white jury in Mississippi in the trial of a black man as an example.)

Newest Mueller Prosecutor Donated To Hillary Clinton

The latest addition to special counsel Robert Mueller's team of prosecutors contributed to Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, according to federal campaign records.

As The Daily Caller News Foundation has reported,  none of Mueller's prosecutors, which number nearly 20 in all, are registered Republicans.  As of February, 13 Mueller lawyers were registered Democrats. 

At least 12 Mueller attorneys have donated to Democratic political candidates.

Lately, we have seen Rosenstein and Comey, along with many others, claim that no one is above the law and the Justice Department and FBI aren't political.  This is absolutely laughable.  Even an incurious media should be able to point out that Hillary, Obama, and all the other people who sent or received classified documents through Hillary's private computer were never prosecuted.  Lois Lerner and no one from IRS were prosecuted for targeting, lying, and destroying computers.  Holder, Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Brennan, and the others who lied have not been prosecuted for perjury. 

Rosenstein, McCabe, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, and others should be asked why Hillary and her people weren't monitored also if the intelligence community and Justice actually believed there was Russian collusion, while knowing of the obvious connections among Hillary, Bill Clinton, Podesta, and the dossier with roots in Russian sources.  The fact that only people surrounding Trump were  monitored before and after the election shows that the Russian collusion story was just an excuse to spy.

Justice and Intelligence would have also demanded to take possession of DNC computers instead of just believing that a third party about the hacking if they were that concerned. 

Instead of journalists pointing out the obvious special treatment of powerful Democrats by the Justice Department, the media act as though Comey and Rosenstein are being truthful. 

The goal every day by people in the bureaucracy and in the media is obviously to destroy Trump.  Facts haven't mattered for a long time.

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