Liz Warren takes up case of Indian casino...and its Malaysian sponsors with a history of big donations

Fake Indian and harrumphing gambling opponent Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has taken up a rather odd cause: advocating for a brand-new Indian casino in her home state of Massachusetts.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

A bill by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) to allow a Native American tribe to continue a stalled Massachusetts casino project is being pushed by lobbyists for Malaysian gambling giant Genting, which invested close to $300 million in the project and risks losing it all.

Warren's bill to help the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe build its proposed casino has raised eyebrows given her record on gambling – she supported efforts to repeal laws expanding gambling in Massachusetts, saying casinos are a "real problem economically for a lot of people," according to the Washington Times.  Nevertheless, she introduced a bill that would reaffirm the tribe's rights to the casino land, allowing it to continue work on a $1 billion casino project that was halted by a U.S. District Court ruling that the federal government overstepped its authority to give the tribe the land.

Supposedly, Granny Warren cast aside her intense Women's Christian Temperance Union-style moral scruples against the evils of Demon Gambling, because, well, Indians.

Liz says she's an Indianand, well, Indians.  She'd do anything to help her fellow Indians.

Oh gawd, and guess what: it gets worse.

The chief investor and lobbyist for the yet to be built casino is a Malaysian gambling giant, Genting Group, a company that has a history of big-dollar donations to political patrons.  Genting was at the heart of the recent scandal in Malaysia that toppled the half-century or so rule of the UMNO ruling party earlier this year and ushered in the new rule of 92-year-old former Malaysian strongman Mohamad Mahathir, a curious guy famous for his big mouth, populist opinions, occasional common sense, anti-Semitism, weird comity with Israel, and consuming loathing for George Soros.  (He has his very good and very bad points.)

Genting sold some property to 1MDB, the Malaysian state investment fund that lefty eco-scold movie star Leo DiCaprio was caught in the till for a while back, and then just mysteriously donated $10 million to the charity run by 1MDB.  The Wall Street Journal has a good chart showing what happened here.

It sounded like a payoff to the Malaysians, and it led to the government's downfall.

To us, it sounds like the dynamics of the Clinton Foundation.

Now Genting has big-dollar investments in Liz Warren's advocated Indian casino and stands to lose a $300-million investment if the rights to the casino property are not sorted out.  Some judge threw a monkey wrench into the plans after a lot of money was spent in the planning of it, halting the casino going forward, with Genting left holding the bag, standing to lose the most as a result.  This is, understandably, why it went lobbying.  What isn't so understandable is how Genting found a friendly sponsor in gambling opponent Liz Warren, who, up until now, has never done a thing for the Indians she claims to share an identity with.  Washington Free Beacon has an excellent write-up of the financial dynamics here.

Does this sound like Indian advocacy to you, or does it sound like money in the pipeline for Democrats?  Genting has long been involved in U.S. politics through its U.S. subsidiaries (these are not illegal donations) and certainly has directed a lot of money to Democrats – as it did in this New York gubernatorial race, here, and this one here.  And herehere, and here, too.  These were big donations, by the way – seven figures in some cases.

Might we watch for what Genting might donate at some future date toward something of importance to what Investor's Business Daily's called "Wampum woman" and her intense focus on making money?  Warren is a fast-buck house-flipper, after all, so we can expect she drives a hard bargain.  And it would seem natural to suspect she does her politics the same way.

Stay tuned for coming Indian attractions with Liz in her new advocacy cause, casino or otherwise.

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