Kanye reveals Obama's history of being a selfish jerk

Kanye West, the rap superstar who stunned the left by declaring President Trump "his brother," has better reasons than might be imagined for defying Hollywood and going over to the red side: he dealt with President Obama up close.

What he found – and has now revealed – is that Obama was an incredibly selfish jerk.

According to Pajamas Media's Megan Fox, who ventured into the depths of the rap music press, Kanye told an interviewer known as "Charlemagne":

"You see, Obama came to me before he ran for office and he met with me and my mother to let me know he was going to run for office because I was his favorite artist of all time[.]" ...  West detailed that Obama asked him for his support and he agreed.

But after West interrupted Taylor Swift on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009 – which he apologized for immediately – Obama cut off support and was even caught on film calling West a "jackass."

"He never called me to apologize," said West.  "The same person that sat down with me and my mom I think should have communicated to me directly."

Seems Kanye has the normal human reaction of wanting to be treated like a human being by someone who introduced himself to him, asked for his help, and then got it.  Apparently, to Obama, the public persona was all that mattered, and when Kanye messed up at some awards ceremony, Obama seized the political advantage by cutting Kanye down and cutting him dead, never caring that Kanye was embarrassed anyway about his overreaction and was attempting to make amends.

Arguably, some may say Kanye's a grown man and ought to take it on the chin, but he should be given some space for political inexperience and the fact that he's an artist (a pop culture one, but still an artist) with an artist's sensitivity.  He did something nice for Obama, Obama kicked him when he was down, and Kanye took it in a rather human way, which is to say personally.

Sounds as if Obama lied about Kanye being his favorite artist of all time, too.

Obama found other ways to stay classy as well.

He invited other rappers to the White House instead of Kanye, and Kanye apparently still clung to the belief that Obama was sincere when he said Kanye was his favorite artist of all time.  That left him bewildered at not being invited to the White House as the other rappers were.  Again, a human reaction – anyone would wonder why he is being left out of the party while all the other kids get invited, especially since he did nice things for Obama.

Then there was a really disgusting incident he described.

Obama got Kanye to perform at one of his events in San Francisco, and instead of staying to thank the artist for his contribution, he cut out early, leaving Kanye to keep playing for the crowd and in no position to leave the stage and go say "hello" to the man he was performing for.

"We did a fundraiser for them [the Obamas] for a midterm in San Francisco," remembered West.  "Right before I went onstage someone let me know that he had left.  I felt away, bruh!  I got feelins', bro," teased West.  "Nobody owes me anything but I'm still going to feel what I feel."

Real sympathy for Kanye on that one.  That is colossal jerkitude on Obama's part.  Normal people stop to say "thank you" to people who exert themselves significantly on their behalf.  That is common courtesy.  Not Obama.  Apparently, Obama thought he was exempt from such human dealings.  Never understanding the value of things, he also probably thought it was no important thing that an artist could set up a full performance and do something special, for Obama, probably for no money, and Obama would not even owe such an artist a bare-minimum acknowledgment.

What a jerk.

President Trump, by contrast, is reportedly always cordial.  Conrad Black in his past writings has noted that Trump is an exceptionally warm and attentive host and a pleasant person to be around who does stay loyal to his friends.  That's obvious in his embrace of the Kushner family, which has had legal problems, and in some of the colorful characters he stays friends with, despite their foibles.  No wonder Kanye sees a like-minded soul – Trump is actually human in his dealings with others and treats others the way normal people like to be treated.

Obama's a pol, and it's interesting that Kanye also noticed that Obama did nothing, absolutely nothing, for violence-ridden Chicago, his hometown political base.  Kanye isn't stupid, and his bad experience with Obama has got him noticing things.  Already, he's apologizing to President Bush for his famous 2005 Katrina remark that Bush didn't care about black people – read that here.  Wait 'til he reads about the history of the Democratic Party and its affiliation with slavery, segregation, fascism, and the Klan...  This guy could get very woke, indeed.

The personal is political.

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