Joining the culture war: Non-PC sci-fi flick wins big in Houston

I read with great interest J.R. Dunn's blog post, "Science Fiction Goes PC," regarding the struggles and travails of science fiction-writer Jon Del Arroz, who was slandered, bullied, and then banned from WorldCon, the premiere annual jamboree for science fiction authors. Del Arroz's offense?  He's conservative.  That is, his messages and themes are not "politically correct."  As Dunn cautions in his post, "[i]f the left succeeds in closing down one field, it will attempt the same in others, and the world will grow very narrow and very cold for those on the right." Much to his credit, Del Arroz has taken the offensive against the offensive characters at WorldCon and filed a lawsuit against them.  Seeing a worthy cause, I made a donation to his lawsuit at this site here. I was moved by Del Arroz's plight, as I have experienced the same type of prejudicial leftist resistance...(Read Full Post)