Is Kim Jong-un seeking to change sides?

We hear that Kim Jong-un executed people who were too close to China.  When Kim had discussions with Xi Jinping, he humbly took notes as Xi lectured.  Kim cannot be happy being subservient to and completely dependent on China.

Trump has backed Kim into a corner.  Kim has to dismantle his nuclear and missile infrastructure or suffer having the U.S. take it out with bombs.

It would be far more profitable for North Korea to establish strong economic relations with South Korea than with China.  The North has plenty of cheap labor and speaks the same language as the South.

It is significant that the summit is going to be in Singapore, where the Chinese cannot spy on the discussions.

Kim has a love of American movies and has had a personal relationship with Dennis Rodman.

The main problem might be inflexible Democrats who will attack Trump if he tries to make Kim into an ally of the U.S.

The other problem would be the Chinese reaction.  This will be a delicate operation.

Image: driver Photographer via Flickr.

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