In the press, more lies about Trump's 'animals'

E.J. Dionne and the rest of the increasingly dishonest print and network media have lied for days by stating or implying that President Trump called all immigrants "animals" even though they knew specifically that he was talking about violent MS-13 gang members.

Look at this dreck from Dionne:

It's never right to call other human beings "animals."  It's not something we should even have to debate.  No matter how debased the behavior of a given individual or group, no matter how much legitimate anger that genuinely evil actions might inspire, dehumanizing others always leads us down a dangerous path.

This is why we need to reflect on the controversy over exactly whom President Trump was referring to as "animals" during a roundtable discussion last week at the White House with state and local officials from California on so-called sanctuary laws.

On its face – and this is certainly how Trump wants us to view things – this is an argument about whether the media distorted his intent by reporting what he said out of context.

But Trump is responsible for this problem precisely because he systematically obliterates any distinctions between the overwhelming majority of immigrants who are law-abiding and the violent minority among the foreign-born.

So Dionne and other journalists are justifying the intentional lies by essentially saying you can lie as much as you want about Trump because he is insidious and inhumane.

It is not a stretch to say that if Trump correctly called ISIS members who behead, murder, and rape people "animals," the media and other Democrats would say he called all Muslims animals.  After all, when he limited immigration from six or seven majority-Muslim countries because that is where a significant number of terrorists come from, they repeatedly said he was anti-Muslim.  The media and Democrats know there are approximately fifty majority-Muslim countries, but to this day, the media continually perpetuate the anti-Muslim lie, and then leftists go to court to sell the lie.

By contrast, President Obama and his left-wing allies equated Tea Party members with domestic terrorists, and I don't recall many journalists talking about how divisive that was.  I am not a member of the Tea Party, but it was certainly insidious and inhumane to me and others who believe in smaller government, fewer regulations, and lower taxes to equate us with terrorists who behead, rape, and murder people.

The media are supposed to inform, but the sole purpose of the almost universal attack on Trump for his "animal" comment was to buy votes for Democrats by calling him an inhumane racist.  The Democratic National Committee, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi should write checks to almost all journalists for their willingness to spew forth Democratic Party talking points on a daily basis instead of having independent thoughts.

The media and other Democrats always pretend they care about civility and want to unite the country, but their never-ending attack on Trump and other Republicans shows they have no desire to unite.  They have to seek to destroy Republicans with garbage, including untruthful stories like the "animals" story, because they have no policy accomplishments or proposals to promote.  They continually recite the talking points that Trump is racist, sexist, a xenophobe, and a homophobe, even thought his pro-growth policies don't discriminate against anyone.  Why don't they go out and say how bad it is and racist it is that Hispanic and black unemployment is at all-time lows?

I believe that it is the progressive and liberal policies that are racist.  Democrats seek to make the government more powerful and people more dependent on government.  They even go around saying minorities are incapable of obtaining a photo ID to vote while they require photo identification for so many other things.

I challenge all journalists and other Democrats to list how any of Obama's or other Democrat policies the last eight years was meant to lift everyone up instead of lifting the government up and relegating the poor to lifetime dependence on government.  I can't think of any.

Image credit: Barb Ignatius via Flickr, Creative Commons SA 2.0.

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